Stressed about COVID-19 & how it will/might affect your wedding?

As if planning a wedding wasn't already stressful enough, now you're dealing with the worries that come with all these new regulations and concerns surround the coronavirus. It's a whole lot to process & handle. If you're reading this, it's safe to assume either your wedding (or the wedding of someone you know) is going to be/might be affected, and I want to help! Just take some deep breaths and stay with me here, we can get through this!

Reschedule or Postpone

If your wedding date is coming up in the next month or so ( or even couple of months to be on the safe side with all of this), consider rescheduling or postponing. If you're set on your venue, start by reaching out to them and considering alternate dates later this year or even next year. Start there. Try to be as flexible as possible to be able to keep your venue and then start reaching out to your vendors. We all understand what a crazy time this is and what to help you have the day of your dreams.

Consider Some Alternatives

Still set on your date or getting married sooner rather than later? Perhaps consider an elopement or very intimate wedding for now and then try to reschedule or postpone the big wedding plans or reception for later date. This'll give you a chance to have a unique and intimate ceremony now, have the chance to get married and also put off all of this madness of quick planning and adjusting. You can get married with your loved ones and not miss out on a larger wedding or reception later in the year and this way you have some more time to plan all the details!

Should we keep planning our wedding right now?

If you're in the planning stages of your wedding for either this year or even next year, no matter how far a long you are don't give up! Every one is going through this madness right now with you and we want to help you have the most wonderful day you're hoping for! Keep reaching out to vendors and venues. Secure them even! While things are kind of crazy right now, venues and vendors of all types (even photographers like me) are still booking for 2020-2021 and dates are filling up, so don't miss out. Some of us, me included, are happy to offer special rates and payment plans as we know how concerning financial stress is right now. Let's all work through this together!

No matter what stage of wedding planning you're currently in, whether that be just getting started and checking out venues and vendors or trying to secure them, we're all in this together and want to ensure that you have the beautiful wedding that you're hoping for!

Take some deep breaths. You got this!

Ready to chat about your big day and wedding packages? Hit that button below, can't wait to hear from you!